Improving your Warehouse

Becoming more efficient may have a cost but in the long run, you'll see more profits.

There are many overlooked methods of improving performance and making storage options more efficient with minimal costs. improve performance and storage operations in the area where supply chain managers can focus on maximum efficiency at a minimum cost.

To make the most of your business, you should use a set of best practices to improve productivity and overall customer satisfaction that are implemented company wide. While not all best practices can be implemented across all business models, there are many that can be used by a large majority of companies.

Efficiency while Maintaining Speed

In order to work more efficiently, you must reduce the work time for order preparation. This can be done in different ways.

Though taking technology into account can make a positive impact, there is no substitute for careful time management, the organization of work areas and the need to best spend money where efficiency can be gained. These are some of the best practices that make a significant difference in terms of time of choice.

  1. Keeping frequently selected items near the shipping areas to reduce the order preparation time. Review your sales data to ensure that items are stored close to the shipping area.
  2. Warehouse design is an important factor to achieving greater efficiency. Minimizing travel time between the various sites within your warehouse often leads to greater productivity.  For this to work and be implemented, information such as pick times, time to package and all other relevant data must be tracked.
  3. For warehouse operations that still use paper withdrawal tickets, this is not very efficient and is subject to human error. Most companies have adopted technology that includes portable scanners, RF printers, and some companies are beginning to implement voice recognition and selective collection technology.

Although some companies are not able to afford new technology to help their operations run more efficient, their are other best practices that can be implemented to help reduce costs.  Contact BES today to learn more.


Joe Becht

April 17, 2019

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