Turning an Idea into a Good Product

Ideas into Reality

We've all had the moment where we are stuck with a great new idea.  But how do you turn that idea into something marketable?  Dr. Frederic Melius discusses how he turned a spur of the moment thought into a profitable national product.  Dr. Melius created AlpinMist, an all-natural nasal spray with a variety of herbs and flavors inspired by his own family's needs.

Creating a New Business

When you've got an idea, whether a totally new product, modification of an existing product or offering a service, there's more involved than simply saying "i'm going to do this now." Any new business needs the basic infrastructure that can be molded, adapted, even customized to suite your business as it grows.

distributing new products to sell

Creating Your Own Products for Distribution

Creating new products that you create on a small scale to use trial and error to test your product are more easily accomplished. However, when you're ready to create thousands of units for distribution nationally, you will have to ensure are all assets of your distribution network can handle your volume and adapt to changing demands.

Dy. Frederick Melius founded Alpin Mist Nasal Spray. You can find more info and order your own here.


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Joe Becht

October 9, 2018

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