Accountability and Security in Your Logistics Featuring Veroot's Joe Hurst

Security & Accountability for Your Logistics

In this episode of Logical logistics Joe Bechy and Joe Hurst talk about securing and accounting for all aspects of your logisics network. If you're relying on an outside vendor, you need to ensure that they know and understand your needs while also be flexible when you have large orders, need to relocate eqioment, or other changes occur that need quick execution.

Joe Hurst is the co-founder of Veroot, a cloud based vendor and compliance management system.  Veroot is the fastest growing vendor management software in the logistics market, and is used by over 4000 companies worldwide.  Joe leads the outreach, customer service, and applications support team at Veroot.  Under his leadership, Veroot has completely transformed the way companies exchange their data, store documents, and request information. Joe’s passion is to create a world in which information is exchanged efficiently – so that markets are energized, and daily work is far less frustrating. 

Prior to Veroot, Joe was co-Founder of an IOT (“Internet of Things”) company, represented Fortune 500 semiconductor companies including IBM, Sandisk, and AMD, and began his career as an engineering manager for a hand-held computing startup.  Mr. Hurst is graduate of The University of Akron, with a Bachelor of Science of Electrical Engineering w/ Honors, a recipient of the prestigious University of Akron Presidential Honors Scholarship, and a member of the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society.  Joe can be reached at: or see

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Joe Becht

April 9, 2018

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