Business as an Art Form

Turning Passion into a Business

Not everyone can say that they work in a profession they love.  They don't necessary hate what they do, but most people get into a profession due to a referral, chance, working and studying hard but few career professionals can say that they went into an industry that they love and have a sincere passion for.

Ben Chernivsky on the other hand, has turned his love of photography into a successful photography business. He describes how he started with his passion, and then took the steps to build his business around it.  Adapting it to him, while it adapted around him.

If you do what you love, and put all your efforts into making it successful, there is no limit to what you can achieve and how happy you can be while doing it.  While there are stressors, conserns and doubt, those can be overcome by focusing on goals one at a time and dedicating yourself to it being successful.


Seize Your Business

June 18, 2019

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